on opening a nightclub

Lately, I’ve been musing on my experience of, and place in the world and I have discovered that I view the world as some VIP area in a fancy night club, an area where I am not invited, a place where I have no business being.

I’ve thought this way for years, but it was fine as I didn’t know I was thinking it – it never occurred to me that there might be a different way to think.

This business of producing The Ladies’s Guide and hoping to sell a few copies is an uphill struggle. I have no idea if I am wasting my time. If anyone will be interested. If it is any good. Yet I am persevering. I suspect, I have been hoping that this book will be the game-changer. This book will make the red velvet rope swing aside and, finally, I will be invited in.

In the past, I have dreamt of being offered a published deal. Recognition from a respected publishing house would definitely be a toe in the door of the inner sanctum. Self publishing wasn’t the same. That was like slipping under the rope and gate-crashing.

And then I listened to a podcast on self publishing by Seth Godin and my thinking was transformed. Seth describes a book as the perfect niche-marketing tool. He suggests that it would be a kindness to share the knowledge one has with others who might be interested.

You should write a book because you have something to share. You should write a book because it is a generous way to turn on lights, to open doors and to instruct others.

He goes on to say that traditional publishers engage with book sellers, not book readers. That the advent of Amazon has changed how readers have access to books and many self published books are now listed on their website. He points out that no one book will appeal to everyone. Readers are small groups interested in specific fields. The trick to selling one’s book, is to find the small group that is interested in your field and engage with them.

I love the thought that self publishing is a way of generously sharing my knowledge with others with similar interests. This is so different from my previously held attitude of banging frustratedly on the closed door of an uninterested publisher.

So that VIP area that I have been standing outside, shivering in my sparkly dress desperately trying to get noticed….. I don’t need it any more. I’m leaving that nightclub. I’m walking away to launch my own club. I’m decorating it as an eighteenth century salon with mirrors and chandeliers. The fires are lit, the candles are glowing. The velvet chairs are soft and inviting. All my guests are welcome.

here’s a link to Seth’s podcast

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