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Guide to a Dinner Party

-eighteenth century-

Trade with far-flung places brought many luxuries to Irish shores. Exotic foods, fine china, and sumptuous silks were all the rage. There was no better way to show your taste and standing than hosting a dinner party.

Pretty interesting guide to marriage

Guide to Marriage

– Regency Era – 

The Regency era is synonymous with romance. But what was marriage really like for Irish women? How did they find a husband? Did they live happily ever? And what of those left on the shelf? How did they fare?

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Stories from the archives

– a service for historic house –

Archive sources, such as diaries, letters, and photographs can tell a family’s story with a particular poignancy.

Using considered story-telling techniques, I can help you bring these stories to life, creating publications to enhance your visitors’ experience.

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– ways to buy, ways to sell –

Stockists around Ireland and details of  how you can become a stockist yourself.