ribonacci spiral

Ri.bo.nac.ci spiral

n. a made up word referencing the interconnectedness of all things and the beauty of ribbons

At the start of March, I was spiralling into chaos about the second book.

I was upset about the quality of the design. I was worried that I would not be proud of the of the finished product. I hated the idea of exposing myself in asking other people to buy something I had created. I was worried that I needed an on-line shop but could not afford to host and create a website this year. I was hugely anxious about time – and lack thereof.

Breathing was shallow ….

and then the Corona Virus came, a lock down was announced and the world stopped.

I have heard the phrase that he or she ‘had a good war’ to mean that someone made the most of their available opportunities during war time. Well, I have had a great Cornona Virus.*

The disappearance of the outside world was a joy. The Local Enterprise Office was a huge support. I undertook training in resilience, pivoting, social media and virtual marketing. I applied for and received a Trading Online Voucher and a website with a new website with an online shop is currently being built.

Slowly in the silence I began to flourish. As my life became smaller, time expanded. I discovered a new rhythm to the days with space for yoga, walking and spiritual learning. I began to look at the process of designing: my difficulties with it and my fears around promoting and selling my book. I did courses in personal development and pattern design. I began to see the patterns in my own life.

In this time of isolation, I discovered connection with the world. There is an invisible ribbon which connects us all. A ribbon which also loops back and forth through time, connecting us with the people of our past also. We are all share a similar experience of life. I need not be afraid to share my book.

Step by step, page by page the book is taking shape. I’m about a month away from signing it off. I haven’t made it to the end yet, but I can see the ribbon of the finished line.

* I have no intention to belittle anyone who has suffered or whose worries continue by appearing flippant.

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