Nora’s Story

– the Bantry House Collection – 

In 1903, a 16 year-old Nora O’Connor came to work as a housemaid in Bantry House. She was young, timid and naive. Three years later, she left for America, a confident woman.

She married, had children and grandchildren and in her later years, she wrote about her time in the Big House. On a visit to Ireland, her grandchildren presented the current owners of the Bantry House with her manuscript. The owners treasured Nora’s story but for many years did not know what they might do with it. I helped turn them turn the story into a book available for sale.

I began by taking photographs of the present day house. Many of the rooms which Nora wrote about are open to visitors today. I then created a series of bespoke montages, merging found imagery of Edwardian domestic servants with the newly taken photographs. I gave them all a sepia patina which helped blend to two together and create the right period mood. A modern reader could now easily envisage Nora going about her daily duties.

The owner of Bantry House suggested incorporating the design of a particular photograph album. This device furthered the nostaligic feel. 

the finished book

– a selection of spreads –

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