I’m reviewing the situation

Will this book be done in time for launch in May?

All the effort, of its creation,

Exponentially increasing day by day.

The situation, as it stands, is looking bad. My original plan was to create a three part book about marriage in the Regency era.

Part one – dealing with finding a man, would be created in January,

Part two – being married to a man would be designed in February, and

Part three – not even wanting a man would be put to bed in March.

April would be concerned with proofing, correcting and general tidying up.

I created an outline of part one and its contents last December.

‘Tis now the end of February and I have not yet one spread completed. I’m faffing about, hating everything I produce and generally working myself up to a go-still of indecisiveness . Here is a list of everything that is wrong:

1. The colour palatte – I had intended to create a sense of progression through the book using different tones. The first section would be pale greys, gradually moving towards darker, stronger tones. What I have now is a mismatch of muck.

2. The illustration style – As with the previous book, I wanted to use a variety of styles.

Right now, they are all rubbish.

3. The text – I have a small bit written. But a very, very small bit. It’s mainly Lorem Ipsum, (latin body copy that designers used for appearance) at the moment.

4. The content – I am drowning in the amount of information I have. Where should I fit it? What can be left out? What am I forgetting? I have notes and piles of paper, and post-its and cue cards on every shelf in the house. I can’t keep on top of it

5. The middle section – Not only have I not started it, but I have not even planned it. All that exists in this mind map.

6. The last section – Not even a mind map. Just two words in my head – lesbians and nuns!

7. To make matters worse, I can see that the book will be good once I do whip it into shape. I can see that it will be far better than the first one. So now I hate the first one.

8. And I’m doubting the name. Actually I have always been worried about the name ‘The Ladies Guide’. So I think I will come up with a new name for the whole series.

But right now I’m just overcome with the enormity of what I have to achieve.

I’m sharing this state of panicked chaos, not in the hope of sympathy, or encouraging platitudes. But, to get it out of my head. If it is out of me, I can stand back, look at it and see what needs to be done.

Step by step I will move forward. I’ll start with the fist point on my list, the colour. I had planned to start with pale greys and accents of yellow moving to pale blues and pinks. So I’ll go back and do that, and then move onto the next point, and then the next. I’ll post the progress.

So, by revisiting the original plan, it turns out I don’t have to think it out again……

…but I still have a heck of a lot of work to do.

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