here comes the sun

During the darker days of February, one could be forgiven to thinking that we had stumbled into Narnia and were enduring the reign of the White Witch. It was wintery, cold, the streets were silent and there was no joy to be found in the land.

Not even an invitation to tea with friendly faun to relieve the boredom.

Unlike the first lockdown, the stillness no longer felt tranquil. It felt punishing. I questioned myself. I questioned the viability of my business. I stopped all marketing and social media posts. The silence muted my voice. In the good days, I struggled with social media. But in February, I lost all ability to promote my business. I didn’t know what people might want to hear – or even if anyone was listening. I closed my eyes, backed into a corner and waited for the cold, empty silence to go away.

I waited…..

and finally the sun came out.

Following swiftly after, came the return of hope and energy. And, in the way the universe often works, I accidentally came across a business training course that seemed exactly what I needed. Run by Jackie Gowran of Business Weaving the course promised to strengthen my self and my business vision. One of the starting points was a personality/character strength test. You can try it for yourself here.

I’m a sucker for a personality test. I remember as a young adult frequently asking myself the question “Who am I?” It seemed extremely important that I could pinpoint my true self. Lots of brooding. Never an answer.

The other day, I skipped through the personality test. Not one hesitation. I knew all the answers. It seems that after 54 years of being Jennifer Dempsey, I finally know my subject.

And this made me think. Perhaps the reason I am struggling with a business voice is that I have yet to learn who my business is. I’m still trying out business personalities and behaviours.

The personality test revealed that my top character ‘strength’ was humility – a trait characterised by:

not seeking the spotlight, not drawing attention to yourself

This does not augur well for a would-be, social-media, daily-posting diva. I heard a rumble of dark clouds threatening to return.

But then once again the sun came out as I realised I will always struggle with media and marketing as it feels uncomfortable to draw attention to myself. I need to learn to work with this trait.

There are three weeks left in the course. I feel I am going to receive a lot of useful information which will help me with the next stage of my business. I am confident that the more I align my business strategies with my personality traits the easier it will all become.

Bright, bright sunshiny days ahead.

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