Behind the Scenes

– the thrill of discovery –

What were women from our past doing all day? Finding this information can be challenging.

The details exist but are rarely contained in a single place. One needs to examine books, letters, diaries, newspaper advertisements, along with many other sources.

My work is a graphic designer’s response to years of collecting social history. Using a myriad of story-telling and visual communication techniques, I’m excited to share my discoveries.

My aim is to show how women’s history is relevant. We owe our lifestyles to the women who came before us and, in turn, we pave the way for those who follow us.

About me, Jenny Dempsey
About me, Jenny Dempsey

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– tales from the 21st century –

As an Irish woman alive today, the choices I have are numerous and diverse. However, life still poses challenges. I share some of these challenges and some of the  joys here.