Discover a series of designer books
about women’s social history

Some years after her death, Jane Austen’s nephew was asked if her letters revealed any interesting information. He said no, but added kindly that the handwriting was neat and the paper folded extremely well. He deemed the content of the letters unimportant because they dealt with small, female, domestic matters.

For long since, female, domestic concerns were considered too insignificant to be recorded in ‘his’-story. Yet these details are worth examining. Discovering how and why the routines and paraphanalia around women’s activities have altered, reveal both how far we have come and how little we have changed.

 “The books are not just dry facts, the period is brought to life by the creative and original presentation. It’s immersive but never twee and I recommend it to anyone with even the slightest interest in women and their often overlooked experiences in history.”